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Looking for Amusement - lg_regulusblack [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Looking for Amusement [Oct. 30th, 2006|03:29 am]
[mood |boredbored]

Regulus grunted, tossing the book he'd been reading carelessly to the floor of the library. The house had been his alone for ages now since his mother and father had gone on an extended Holiday--that seemed to extend itself more and more with each passing Owl. But the dark-haired wizard was restless, and that was putting it mildly. One might even say Regulus Black were bored--but that was not in the Black nature, or so he'd been taught.

Standing, pacing the floor, yelling for good measure at the house elf for no good reason, the youngest Black also found himself irritated. Since the party at Narcissa's house, he'd not heard one word from his cousin, and this alone was enough to unsettle him with doubt...and pent up lust. She had awakened something within him that was new and dangerous, and Regulus enjoyed that fleeting touch with fire. And as quickly as she tempted him, seemingly she had pulled away without word, though through mutual friends the young wizard had learned that Lucius had been in town here and there recently--but he refused to make any more excuses for Narcissa. His days of brooding for her were done he theorized.

In such a short time the wizard had many an eye-opening turn of events, including another birthday. One event being he was not returning to Hogwarts, something he was quite certain his mother would find no fault in, considering her hate of Dumbledore and Regulus' dislike for the pettiness. Another decision made in his free time was spending more and more time with those of the family's same thinking, a group that Regulus was finding to be most powerful and power was a prize indeed.

Looking out the window, he took a deep breath and suddenly had a most wicked thought as to how to ease his nature--a gathering--a most intimate gathering indeed. The house was his, he could do with it as he pleased while he was alone, and a night of chaos and debauchery was something that set his blood to flame with just the thought--after all, such gatherings were all the rage amongst the young wizards and witches of privilege now days.