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Interesting Absolutions - lg_regulusblack [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Interesting Absolutions [Sep. 5th, 2006|11:50 pm]
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]

Regulus sighed deeply as he rested his head against the back rim of the large, cast iron tub in his private bath. He'd just slid beneath the water, surfacing and pushing his dark hair back with his hands before settling in for a relaxing soak.

With eyes shut, the young wizard contemplated events to soon come. The party Narcissa was holding was most intriguing in who he'd meet, his mind wandering with a myriad of ideas of the invited guests, and had even asked his cousin for some idea but she only teasingly refused.

In just that simple thought, the mere mention of Narcissa, Regulus smiled most naughtily. She had tempted him, in many ways. She was his cousin, this was true--but many a cousin had such lurid thoughts of what they wanted to do to another cousin, did they not? This kept the blood most pure, he grinned at the thought.

Wiping a hand over his face, feeling the slight stubble on his cheeks, the bellowing downstairs of his mother to a house elf, Regulus let his mind drift to more pleasant and arousing thoughts. Narcissa Malfoy. Then he suddenly sobered.

Damn you Malfoy. You've a true treasure in Narcissa, yet you rove about and leave her to rot alone.

Though he knew well, and had been warned by many, including his own mother and father of Lucius Malfoy's ever growing power and wealth, not to mention influence, Regulus Black found himself contemplating tempting fate. For surely, though a tad young and not virginal white of skills, he had learned of a woman's flirtations and temptations, and even he could read the signs in Narcissa's subtle actions and words.

Or am I just utterly over my head and reading more into this than there is ... Merlin, I need to get laid and most eagerly it would seem...

Regulus sat forward, pushing aside his confusion. He was a Black, a Black did not make such mistakes.

It was in that moment he heard his mother knocking loudly upon his bedroom door, then letting herself inside.

Bloody hell...what does the woman want now? Not even a moments peace...