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Career, Finance and Trust - lg_regulusblack [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Career, Finance and Trust [May. 27th, 2008|12:27 am]
[Current Location |London Townhouse]
[mood |accomplished]

Regulus stretched languidly in his big leather chair, behind his big mahogany desk, in his large private study. He laced his fingers behind his head and smiled pridefully to himself.

Slowly his plans were coming together. The Goblins had all but jumped head over arse at his proposal to them of being a liaison of sorts to the Goblins' investments to the more 'delicate' investors. He grinned wickedly. He could almost see gold falling from the skies at that untapped market.

Of course he'd not rightly tell his mother the exact details of said sudden career move, all she and his father needed to know was that their youngest son was now in the high-end world of investment banking. Regulus Black felt utterly smug.

The young wizard glanced to the high ceiling above him and grinned. Then slowly, other things began to creep into his mind, like his secretive meeting with the 'old man'. Dumbledore had been most accomidating, listening to his every word...but Regulus Black knew all too well the old, cunning wizard would not just take for truth some of the things her revealed. But then again, Regulus was not stupid enough to reveal everything, either. He had dealt in abstract posibilities, in case this were to all blow up in his face.

He could read the old man's eyes when he spoke of his theory of the horocruxs and what he had stumbled upon with Voldemort's use of them...that he was most certain...he had mistakenly witnessed something he was not supposed to have seen with their deaths...the screams, the anguish, that dark soul being shredded even more. Regulus abruptly stood up, pacing the room, a cold chill racing down his spine. Dumbledore had not believed him, he could sense that, even Voldemort would not resort to such vile magic the old man had surely thought...little did the old man know.

Regulus Black had to give them proof. Even he knew Voldemort had to be stopped. Regulus laughed aloud.

"Damned man, you've finally lost your fucking mind," he chuckled morosely of himself and the way his mind was working of late, blaming a bit of this shift of nature on his do-gooder older brother and his damned witch for influencing him so badly in their do-gooder ways of late. Regulus sighed.