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Going Home [Apr. 29th, 2007|12:48 pm]
[mood |coldcold]

Regulus regarded his image in the cracked mirror. Raking his hand through his hair, then rubbing the palm against his stubbled chin, the young man contemplated the day ahead and past events.

Rightly, he couldn't blame his older brother on the confrontation, it sickened him to some extent too what had happened that night when Bella snapped. He realized in those moments that he was in over his head, much more so than first thought.

Noting the slight scar forming on his lower lip where Sirius had bashed him good, Regulus thought it just added character to his form...he refused to think the contrary that it showed weakness. Surely his mother would say the later.


He'd put off seeing his parents the last few days, instead staying at the Hogs Head,locked up in the shattered room upstair, the Howler his mother had sent that very morning was most venomous, his presence was requested or face the consequences of her wrath. Frankly, Regulus Black had felt that vengeance one too many times and had resolved himself to face the woman as she requested. Again...he felt the tinges of weakness, something quite new to him. For Blacks were not weak.

It didn't help matters any that his Owl to Narcissa had gone unanswered. At first he blamed Narcissa, figuring the silence was a way of her paying him back for being so absent. Then his ire turned Lucius, he was the one keeping watch over his lover.

Not bothering of his appearance, Regulus Black then apparated to his family home.

When did things become so complicated?