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Sneaking Out Instead of Hiding [Feb. 24th, 2009|11:54 pm]
[Current Location |In Hiding]
[mood |lonelylonely]

Regulus walked back into his prison, or so he had deemed the safe house he'd spent too many months being trapped behind it's walls, and tossed off his wet cloak, throwing it carelessly to the wooden chair near the door.

The young wizard had surpassed stir-crazy, weeks ago. Now, he was idly going out of his mind. He had one saving grace, going back and forth to Gringotts. He'd not even seen Andi in ages, it was like she had just given up on him as well, out of sight, out of mind.

Flopping to the chair nearest the hearth, with a flick of his wand, he lit the flames, warming the den from the cold, wet, night air. The firewhiskey in his belly was just as warm, and it made him content as he leaned his head back, closing his eyes.

Regulus knew he should not sneak out as he'd done just that evening and a few before that, but he could not bare the loneliness a minute longer. And Regulus Black needed desperately to slake his lust, which a willing serving witch had eagerly taken care of in the back room of that dingy old pub.

Hooking one booted ankle over the other, Regulus smiled to himself. Then the smile slowly vanished--he was alone once again.
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Career, Finance and Trust [May. 27th, 2008|12:27 am]
[Current Location |London Townhouse]
[mood |accomplished]

Regulus stretched languidly in his big leather chair, behind his big mahogany desk, in his large private study. He laced his fingers behind his head and smiled pridefully to himself.

Slowly his plans were coming together. The Goblins had all but jumped head over arse at his proposal to them of being a liaison of sorts to the Goblins' investments to the more 'delicate' investors. He grinned wickedly. He could almost see gold falling from the skies at that untapped market.

Of course he'd not rightly tell his mother the exact details of said sudden career move, all she and his father needed to know was that their youngest son was now in the high-end world of investment banking. Regulus Black felt utterly smug.

The young wizard glanced to the high ceiling above him and grinned. Then slowly, other things began to creep into his mind, like his secretive meeting with the 'old man'. Dumbledore had been most accomidating, listening to his every word...but Regulus Black knew all too well the old, cunning wizard would not just take for truth some of the things her revealed. But then again, Regulus was not stupid enough to reveal everything, either. He had dealt in abstract posibilities, in case this were to all blow up in his face.

He could read the old man's eyes when he spoke of his theory of the horocruxs and what he had stumbled upon with Voldemort's use of them...that he was most certain...he had mistakenly witnessed something he was not supposed to have seen with their deaths...the screams, the anguish, that dark soul being shredded even more. Regulus abruptly stood up, pacing the room, a cold chill racing down his spine. Dumbledore had not believed him, he could sense that, even Voldemort would not resort to such vile magic the old man had surely thought...little did the old man know.

Regulus Black had to give them proof. Even he knew Voldemort had to be stopped. Regulus laughed aloud.

"Damned man, you've finally lost your fucking mind," he chuckled morosely of himself and the way his mind was working of late, blaming a bit of this shift of nature on his do-gooder older brother and his damned witch for influencing him so badly in their do-gooder ways of late. Regulus sighed.
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Questioning Sanity [Apr. 30th, 2008|11:18 pm]
[Current Location |Townhouse London]
[mood |aggravatedaggravated]

With the glass of firewhiskey in his hand, Regulus stood at the marble fireplace in his Uncle's...his study, and with one hand to the mantle, the other holding his drink, stared into the dying flames. It was getting warmer and warmer, just the slightest of chills at night needing to be warmed by the embers.

Taking one last, long gulp of the amber liquid to drain the glass, Regulus grimaced as the strong contents eased down his throat. Sitting the empty crystal to the marble, he continued his vigil by the dancing flames.

He wasn't right sure how that damned witch of his brother's had gotten under his skin with her walking out the other evening, but she had...it had made him feel something he had been fighting to forget and un-feel most of his life. Guilt. Thankfully, with Lulu's return in the wee small hours of the morning not too long back, his sleepless night over such a slip of a witch's disappointed sadness over those bloody books, and his damned unexpected guilt, had finally been quashed with her acceptance. She was his brother's witch, he had to respect that...even if his brother got on his every last nerve...maybe truth was, he respected that quirky little witch himself.

Regulus Black tried his damnedest to push those thoughts away, they were a weakness he'd been told over the years--but now, there was so much doubt in him over what was right and what was wrong, it was a constant war in his mind.

Sighing heavily, the young wizard took a few steps and slumped into the well worn leather wing-back chair at the hearth. His free ride on his uncle's coat tails would be over in the near future. Some how...he had to pay for the upkeep and maintenance of his suddenly vast holdings...something had to give, he mused, tilting his head back and closing his eyes. Obviously he needed funds, and in vast, quick quantities.

"Master wish anything more?" Lulu questioned, suddenly there before the tired wizard.

"No...it's late...take your rest," he offered with an exhausted, dismissive wave of his hand, the little Elf bowing it's way out of the room in her awkward shuffle.

He stared at the fire once more, wondered briefly what Andromeda was up to and he chuckled...she was with those damned horses of hers for the week and probably the whole of the next. Regulus Black had too much time on his hands to think...that bothered him. But what bothered him more was something he was growing more and more fearful of suspecting in his Dark Lord...this he could not ignore if true...it couldn't be allowed, even he realized that end.

Standing, hands raking through his hair, Regulus began to unbutton his shirt as he started to make his way upstairs and to his bedroom to retire for the night. Damned he missed Andromeda even more.
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Dire Days Ahead [Jan. 7th, 2008|10:12 pm]
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]

Regulus sat at the bar of the Hogs Head, Andromeda having left town on a holiday with her sister, Narcissa..how she managed that one while just starting work at the Ministry he would never know. The holidays had been an utter bore without her around, and he had to admit, not even having Nymphadora around to pester him he'd missed...but would dare not admit it to anyone else alive.

Sitting at the bar, turning about to survey the rowdy patrons in the small pub, he took a sip of his firewhiskey, searching about for one dark-haired serving witch in particular. Not seeing her fiery personality any where, he assumed Meadows was off for the night...even in passing a bit of information he was doing miserably. But this information was most pivotal...something he thought even his big brother should know about a certain friend of his and recent sightings and rumors.

"Hate the bloody holidays," he mumbled to himself, having to shove over just in time as not to get smashed into by a damned drunkard.

Finally settling back in to his perch, Regulus placed his glass back to the bar and turned back around, hands clutching the cool glass. Even his uncle Alfard had come back into the picture, ordering him to dinner...inspection was more like it, and even Regulus knew he'd not passed the older Black's itinerary with just the curt nods and cutting glances. As dear uncle had said your mother is smothering you into her image..., he couldn't exactly say the man was wrong, his mother was just that. Even he finally had to admit it, the woman was utterly ruining him...destroying him more like it, destroying what he wasn't hell bent on destroying himself that is.
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Trapped [Sep. 3rd, 2007|12:02 am]
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]

Regulus Black paced the length of his room once more. Something he'd done much of over the last few days--he felt caged--trapped. Nothing he did would rid himself of that gnawing feeling in the pit of his stomach.

He knew well what was troubling him, even though he tried his best to push down those suddenly odd, and bothersome ideas. But no matter his path to easing such worries, nothing ever worked...everything was back to the bleak course before him moments later.

Running a hand across his cheek and chin, Regulus had to laugh out loud at himself over the thoughts that were muddying up his mind of late. "Damnit, big brother...this is all your fault, in some ways, we're more alike than different," he muttered aloud at the irony. Yet something inside him wished to be able to gain brotherly advice, though he knew it was a moot point.

The young wizard had all but made up his mind on matters--but still this decision was major, there was a lot to lose, including his life. So to pacing he began again. But there was one thing in his schemes, if he might die, he'd do his damnedest to bring a few others to hell with him. That he vowed.

And to add insult to injury, his mother's upcoming dinner party for her more important guests, was a hindrance in his mind at well. Truly he didn't want Andromeda to go down the same path he'd found himself walking now--but there was no way to spare her, it was her own decision, but Regulus was finding it most difficult to sit back and keep mute. He liked Andi...very much so, and knew the darkness that awaited her if she was taken in by the bold seduction of his mother's acquaintances. He knew well how their words and propaganda had swayed him from a very early age...so the temptation was most real.
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Going Home [Apr. 29th, 2007|12:48 pm]
[mood |coldcold]

Regulus regarded his image in the cracked mirror. Raking his hand through his hair, then rubbing the palm against his stubbled chin, the young man contemplated the day ahead and past events.

Rightly, he couldn't blame his older brother on the confrontation, it sickened him to some extent too what had happened that night when Bella snapped. He realized in those moments that he was in over his head, much more so than first thought.

Noting the slight scar forming on his lower lip where Sirius had bashed him good, Regulus thought it just added character to his form...he refused to think the contrary that it showed weakness. Surely his mother would say the later.


He'd put off seeing his parents the last few days, instead staying at the Hogs Head,locked up in the shattered room upstair, the Howler his mother had sent that very morning was most venomous, his presence was requested or face the consequences of her wrath. Frankly, Regulus Black had felt that vengeance one too many times and had resolved himself to face the woman as she requested. Again...he felt the tinges of weakness, something quite new to him. For Blacks were not weak.

It didn't help matters any that his Owl to Narcissa had gone unanswered. At first he blamed Narcissa, figuring the silence was a way of her paying him back for being so absent. Then his ire turned Lucius, he was the one keeping watch over his lover.

Not bothering of his appearance, Regulus Black then apparated to his family home.

When did things become so complicated?
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Dark Tidings to Come [Jan. 8th, 2007|11:04 pm]
[mood |pensivepensive]

Regulus slipped out of bed, stretching over-taxed muscles as he stood clad only in black silk boxers before walking to the nearest window and throwing open the heavy drapes. Blinking as he adjusted to the early morning light, the young wizard rubbed the back of his neck. It had been a most fitful sleep the night before, there was much more weighing on his mind than his next visit with dearest Narcissa. Though he found himself totally addicted to their encounters of late--the things they did--the things he learned in pleasing a woman. The things she awakened in him were most surprising.

No, Regulus Black had darker matters on his mind. After the little test he'd endured at the hands of his cousin Bella, something in the recesses of his mind had awakened. That wasn't completely true, it was after the meeting with his brother that the rattlings of questions began to unnerve him ever so slightly. Sirius had brought about some old feelings in which Regulus had spent a long time trying to dampen, he'd not lied to the man, he'd only delicately stepped about the truth--he was no Deatheater, but well on his way to becoming on.

Then there was the meeting of the night before last, Voldemort was in rare form, hell, most there were riding a building wave of anger and power. There were burning whispers of things to come, but nothing ever brought to light before him, after all, Regulus was young, still considered lowly by most in attendance. But those of prestige at Voldemort's hand had something planned, even the lowliest of low could sense it.

Feeling a slight chill race through his body, Regulus shivered. Brushing it off to the cold of his bedroom and finding the fire nothing but embers, the dark-haired wizard shouted for the House Elf.

"Bring me my morning tea, you damned blight!"

Stepping away from the window, Regulus pulled the drapes closed.
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Invitation to Narcissa Malfoy (Same time as DD/Pub Meeting) [Nov. 8th, 2006|02:23 am]
[mood |anxiousanxious]

Dearest Narcissa,

I wished to make this invitation more personal, in my own words, if you will. I do hope you find your calendar clear for this coming Saturday evening about nine. For I am having a very special gathering of only the closest of acquaintances and your presence would be missed greatly if you could not attend.

The event this coming weekend will be intimate, and alluring- a masquerade of the most bold manner. It is all the rage now. Anything can happen and I've been told, it will.

I await your reply.

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Looking for Amusement [Oct. 30th, 2006|03:29 am]
[mood |boredbored]

Regulus grunted, tossing the book he'd been reading carelessly to the floor of the library. The house had been his alone for ages now since his mother and father had gone on an extended Holiday--that seemed to extend itself more and more with each passing Owl. But the dark-haired wizard was restless, and that was putting it mildly. One might even say Regulus Black were bored--but that was not in the Black nature, or so he'd been taught.

Standing, pacing the floor, yelling for good measure at the house elf for no good reason, the youngest Black also found himself irritated. Since the party at Narcissa's house, he'd not heard one word from his cousin, and this alone was enough to unsettle him with doubt...and pent up lust. She had awakened something within him that was new and dangerous, and Regulus enjoyed that fleeting touch with fire. And as quickly as she tempted him, seemingly she had pulled away without word, though through mutual friends the young wizard had learned that Lucius had been in town here and there recently--but he refused to make any more excuses for Narcissa. His days of brooding for her were done he theorized.

In such a short time the wizard had many an eye-opening turn of events, including another birthday. One event being he was not returning to Hogwarts, something he was quite certain his mother would find no fault in, considering her hate of Dumbledore and Regulus' dislike for the pettiness. Another decision made in his free time was spending more and more time with those of the family's same thinking, a group that Regulus was finding to be most powerful and power was a prize indeed.

Looking out the window, he took a deep breath and suddenly had a most wicked thought as to how to ease his nature--a gathering--a most intimate gathering indeed. The house was his, he could do with it as he pleased while he was alone, and a night of chaos and debauchery was something that set his blood to flame with just the thought--after all, such gatherings were all the rage amongst the young wizards and witches of privilege now days.
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Interesting Absolutions [Sep. 5th, 2006|11:50 pm]
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]

Regulus sighed deeply as he rested his head against the back rim of the large, cast iron tub in his private bath. He'd just slid beneath the water, surfacing and pushing his dark hair back with his hands before settling in for a relaxing soak.

With eyes shut, the young wizard contemplated events to soon come. The party Narcissa was holding was most intriguing in who he'd meet, his mind wandering with a myriad of ideas of the invited guests, and had even asked his cousin for some idea but she only teasingly refused.

In just that simple thought, the mere mention of Narcissa, Regulus smiled most naughtily. She had tempted him, in many ways. She was his cousin, this was true--but many a cousin had such lurid thoughts of what they wanted to do to another cousin, did they not? This kept the blood most pure, he grinned at the thought.

Wiping a hand over his face, feeling the slight stubble on his cheeks, the bellowing downstairs of his mother to a house elf, Regulus let his mind drift to more pleasant and arousing thoughts. Narcissa Malfoy. Then he suddenly sobered.

Damn you Malfoy. You've a true treasure in Narcissa, yet you rove about and leave her to rot alone.

Though he knew well, and had been warned by many, including his own mother and father of Lucius Malfoy's ever growing power and wealth, not to mention influence, Regulus Black found himself contemplating tempting fate. For surely, though a tad young and not virginal white of skills, he had learned of a woman's flirtations and temptations, and even he could read the signs in Narcissa's subtle actions and words.

Or am I just utterly over my head and reading more into this than there is ... Merlin, I need to get laid and most eagerly it would seem...

Regulus sat forward, pushing aside his confusion. He was a Black, a Black did not make such mistakes.

It was in that moment he heard his mother knocking loudly upon his bedroom door, then letting herself inside.

Bloody hell...what does the woman want now? Not even a moments peace...
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